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T2i cropped frame concerns

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
So I've been looking into a new prime as my first upgrade from my 18-55mm kit, and have discovered this new world of full-frame and cropped-frame sensors. I'm almost sold on the 50mm f/1.4, but want to make sure I understand what picture I will be getting.

I've zoomed to 50mm on my kit, and was wondering if that is the same FIELD OF VIEW I will be getting if I use a 50mm prime? Or will I be seeing a much smaller FoV? (I'm not talking about DEPTH-OF-FIELD; I understand that is controlled by aperature).

THANK YOU. For some reason I'm finding this so confusing!



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    Hi there
    The field of view for the 50mm prime is 47' which is the same as the 50mm setting on your 18-55mm kit lens. What you have to remember though is that the crop factor of f/1.6 on the T2i will make the 50mm prime give the same view as an 80mm on a full frame sensor.
    However, that said, it is an excellent lens in terms of speed (f/1.4) for low light work and shallow depth of field for portrait work.
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    Ok I don't have a FF body laying around.

    So what you're saying is that the image at 50mm on my 18-55mm will NOT be the same as a 50mm prime on the same body? The image I will get will be a CROPPED image of the 50mm setting on my 18-55mm?
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    Hi again.
    I'm sorry if I confused you. The image at 50mm on your 18-55mm WILL be the same as a 50mm prime on your T2i.
    What I was trying to point out is that manufacturers still quote lens focal lengths as if they were fitted to a full frame camera. This means that your 18-55mm while designed for a crop sensor would actually be the same as a 28-88mm on full frame. At 50mm your lens and a prime will give the same field of view which is roughly equivalent to 80mm on full frame.
    If you want a field of view roughly equivalent to 50mm (56mm in fact) then you might consider buying a 35mm prime lens.
    Hope this makes more sense to you.
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