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BBF settings T2i

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I have become really interested in using BBF but I am missing some point I'm sure. I use Al servo, single point focus, the * for the focus lock. The articles I have read in Google speak of focusing on the eyes and following the subject if moving. Most speak of holding down the * while following the subject and the red focus light will stay lit and follow you. Here I have my problem. When I initially press the * button I get a very momentary blink of the red indicator and I never see it again. In fact, it happens so fast that it is hard to pick out a point on the subject to focus, much less follow it even though I am holding the button down while tracking. I should mention I use the viewfinder. And don't see how a person can make out the subjects eyes (the image in the viefinder is so small). Sure could use some help here.
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