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How to get accurate colors while shooting cars indoors

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    Awesome! Great stuff very helpful. One problem, I need to keep my settings the exact the same.

    I got the exterior down. I enabled Program mode and used a white balance of white fluorescent (I'm going to try my own white balance on Monday) and bumped up the exposure a bit.

    I need to find a good setting for the interior which is what I'm aiming for monday also. So far I've had bad luck with my Aperture priority setting when using a high f-stop it either takes 15-30 seconds for the shutter to release, or its too dark, with a f/3.5 its cake though.

    I need these settings to be saved the exact same and right now when I shut the camera off/switch settings on the mode dial I lose the previous settings. Basically keep one setting for exterior and one setting for interior. My room never changes and neither does the lighting. Is their a function on the camera for saving presets?

    Another side note, the D60 I was shooting with before (auto mode) made the interior of the cars very warm, nice on the eyes-even though it was a bit of a stretch at times on how the actual vinyl/leather looked.

    The D3100 (auto mode & trying a few others) is a lot colder or way too much. I've played with a number of settings, but cant seem to replicate it like I would like. Just differences in the cameras? The D3100 is a lot cleaner, and my colors on the exterior blow the D60 away, but the interior shots are leaving me wanting...more

    You know, I never thought I would be on the shooting end of photos...a bit like a programmer trying to work photoshop, except this example is one that should never happen. Programmers that is. ;)
  • @mhossey - I know this might sound a little strange, but you might try enabling 'Night Portrait' mode while shooting interiors. This will enable the flash and also lengthen the shutter speed a bit, to allow for more ambient light.

    As for exteriors, Program mode (P on the mode dial) will get you an accurate exposure every time. In fact, it might be best to stick with Program mode until you have a good understanding of how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work together.

    In regards to your Aperture priority experiment...when shooting indoors or in low light, you don't want to use f-numbers above f/5.6 without a tripod. Doing so, will result in a bunch of blurry shots.

    As for switching back and forth between modes...if you end up liking 'Night Portrait' mode for your interior shots, then you'll be able to switch back and forth without affecting your custom white balance settings applied to Program mode.

    So for start out taking shots of the exterior using Program mode with a custom white balance. Once you're done with the exterior shots, simply rotate the mode dial to 'Night Portrait' and take some shots of the interior. Once you're done with that car, rotate the mode dial back to Program mode and your custom white balance settings should still be in place.

    Let me know how it all shakes out. Happy shooting! :)
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