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Portraits at the park around sunset?

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hi! I am very new to photography and just bought a canon T2i. I will be taking some maternity pictures for some friends outside at a park around sunset. I am using the basic 18-55mm lens that comes with the camera. What settings should I have my camera on? I am hoping to bring out the colors of the grass and sky without compromising the tones in the couple. Thank you!


  • I need help with the same thing. I hope someone provides you with suggestions soon!

    Good Luck!
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    Suggestions for a newbie would be to go out at the approximate time of day, before you plan to shoot and take some practice shots. The lighting is one of the premier items you will have to scrutinize first. Set your camera on AUTO, try several shots, and check the settings very closely, noting them on paper. Then set your camera on Manuel and set the camera to the settings you noted to see if you can duplicate the original picture in AUTO. Then work between the two settings and compare and make notes. You will see in low light the flash will pop up automatically in AUTO to make up for adverse conditions. Good luck and take lots of photos.
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