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Photography small and then resizing to tiny

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hi you guys! Thanks for all the tips.
I sell organic products. You can check it out if you want photo examples at The ecommerce package requires max 250 pixel width for product pics. On the homepage bottom categories I have 3 pictures that are a mere 113 x 133 pixels... Yikes! Those are small.

I've tried all I know (and I don't know much as I am a beginner) to get a great shot and then to resize it small. Problem is they either look grainy or lose clarity and sharpness. I am also broke so I only have photoshop elements and not the full application.
What do you suggest for shooting and then resizing?

Currently I like shooting auto or manual (the pics look good). In elements they open to about 5800 (approx) pixels at 72 resolution. If I resize smaller to 250px and keep 72 res they appear "over pixeled" if that makes sense. So I tried scaling back to 250px then cutting the res back to 25. Sometimes while doing either application I have to adjust the contrast/sharpness/brightness. I can tell especially when I try to read the labels on the pics; they are a bit blurry.
Am I expecting too much??
Also when should I do my adjusting? before or after I resize? I do it after resizing currently.
I have the standard lens kit lens and then a 28-125mm Canon lens and a Rokinon wide angle mm unknown (sorry, I got these extra lenses from my son).

So which lens do you suggest and I am not opposed to buying a different one for the right application? I just want to know what is best for my type of photography.

If anyone can help me out, I will send you some goodies from my shop or if your a guy you can pick some for you best lady friend.

Thanks everyone!
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