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Tips for Shooting Equine Subjects?

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I have used my T2I for about a year, using just the simple Auto settings. I would like to improve my shots of horses, who are quite unpredictable and sometimes difficult to work with. I would love some tips on shooting in an indoor, well lit environment as well as the bright outdoors. If there are any settings that would be better for high speed shooting than sport, I would like to know of them as well. Explain in as simple a manner as you can, I'm quite camera illiterate!

If you have any more tips that would help a lower-than-beginner, I'd really appreciate them! Thank you.


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    I would set your camera to AV [aperture priority] largest hole. The shutter speed will take care of itself. No idea what lenses you have, perhaps f4-f5.6? This would be fine for outdoors.

    Indoors you need something like f2.8. You can always increase your ISO (means sensitivity of camera to light). Normal ISO in bright light is 100.
    If in low light try an ISO of 400 or higher.
    Read your Manual.

    Your statement about hight speed shooting, I'm assuming you mean horses running? Again select AV and then a shutter speed of say 1/125 to start. Read manual.
    If you have not done so already, find someone with horses and ask them if you can "muck-out" in return for photographing their horses. Although they can be unpredictable you have to be patient. Go to local horse shows.
    Read manual.
  • Thank you!

    I have only the lenses the camera came with, although I'm looking into purchasing additional lenses.

    Alright, I shall try that. I'm in the process of reading the manual, but I was looking for some tips and tricks specifically pertaining to equine photography.

    High speed shooting as in trying to capture Saddleseat and Country English horses who have a rapid trot that is hard for me to capture at the perfect time. Running horses as well.

    I have access to horses and am fortunate to live near a few large horse shows. Thank you for the helpful advice, until lately I've usually been the subject (or atop the subject) of the photos, but I would love to learn how to properly shoot decent pictures of horses.

    Any books you would suggest purchasing in addition to the manual?
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    Hi Sophie,
    I shoot Motocross Racing of my son and I struggled with fast pace and low light. I did find information on this site, here is the link: photography
    I use shutter priority (TV). I was using my 28-250mm and now I have a Tamron 18-270mm.
    Indoor I had to set my ISO on auto (yes it had noise in the background but it did not affect my subject).
    Outdoor I still shoot in TV for fast paced subjects. On motocross I shoot at 250/320 shutter speed. I like to show motion on the wheels of the dirt bike or quads. I do not like the look of them hanging in the air still. With horses I would shoot at a faster shutter speed and stop the action. I hope this helps, it did for me.
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