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Canon Lighting Problems

edited July 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hey guys,

Currently I have had alot of trouble shooting at night because my friend works daytime.
The lighting is my problem and I'm working with a Canon T2i/550D.

Whenever I'm shooting in P-Mode, A-Dep Mode, or AV-Mode, the lighting is just fine, but the picture is blurry.
I know it's the shutter speed, but in all 3 of those modes I can't find a place to adjust the shutter speed like I can in manual mode.
When I shoot in manual mode the shutter speed is just fine and all my pictures come out fine, but my pictures are way too dark. It looks fine when I look through the lens, but the picture comes out way too dark. I even set the ISO to 6400.

Is there any way I can adjust the shutter speed in the following 3 modes, or a way I can fix the darkness in Manual mode photos?

Please reply at your earliest convenience, I could really use the help.


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    Sounds like you need to read the manual and maybe get a good beginners book. When you adjust for exposure you need to tune the aperture and shutter speed. When you look through the viewfinder there is a meter that tells you if you are at the correct exposure (which should be at 0 typically but can be in either direction if you are doing other tricks). Start with your ISO at 400. Set your aperture at f5.6, focus your camera at an object nearby, adjust the exposure until the meter shows 0 or in the middle; then snap the picture.
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    It really depends. What lens are you using? If you are shooting a lot in low light you might want to look at picking up a nifty fifty (50mm f/1.8) or if you can afford it the 30mm f/1.4. One huge issue is that it's darn near impossible to capture fast motion in low light if you don't have additional lighting like an external flash. You can adjust the shutter speed in av mode obviously, but in low light I wouldn't recommend that. It's best to be in manual mode: lower the aperture as low as it can go, up the ISO while keeping the shutter speed as slow as possible and still capturing the motion. Another option is if you can get close to a normal exposure you can always try touching it up some in post production with photoshop or the software included with the T2i.
  • I would set it to Shutter Priority (Tv) and adjust it to what works best for you and then allow the Aperture to be set automatically. This way you can get a sense of what f-stop is going to work best combined with the shutter speed of your choosing. After you become confident with your understanding of their relationship for getting the shots you desire, switch to Manual Mode and set them both yourself.
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