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Pictures of flowers not true colors

edited May 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I purchased this camera mainly to take pics of flowers but am having trouble with colors not being true. My reds aren't right and creams turn out white. What can I do to make the colors of the flowers come true in the photos.


  • edited July 2012
    Hi there
    Canon cameras have a macro setting in the basic zone. It is a little confusing because it does not make your lens focus any closer than it can physically do. What it does do, when using a close-focusing lens, is to bump-up the parameters to make colors more vivid and sharp.
    Another way to alter your results is to set up a custom picture style, especially if you intend doing a lot of this kind of photography.
    Check out a few posts below this one (thread title - custom picture styles) where Moose has given some settings for a custom picture style. It is a good place to start and as Moose says, you can always play around with the settings until you are happy.
    Of course, if you shoot in RAW then you can adjust saturation, sharpness and a host of other settings in Canon's DPP software.
    Hope this helps.
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