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Lens for full body portraits

edited May 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I am looking for a lens to capture full body portraits like magazine covers. I don't currently have the kit lens and was wondering if that would work? Right now, I have the 50mm and 55mm-250mm lenses.

I plan on using a speed light (580EX II) to go along with the lens. Could you also recommend an affordable light kit, preferably a strobe? Thank you!


  • Howdy @mfoy21 - It ultimately depends on where you're shooting and the desire to isolate your subject against a blurry background. If you're not concerned about blurring the background into oblivion, then the 18-55mm kit lens is more than capable. The zoom range will allow you to compose full body shots, both indoors (with a tripod) and outdoors.

    As for a recommended light kits, it really depends on how you intend to use it. Like shooting full body shots in a studio or outdoors in bright light. Each situation would require a different setup. A single 580EX II can go a long way if you learn how to shoot with it wirelessly.

    The best place to learn how to light is the Strobist blog (see here). He's got some wonderful examples of different setups and the equipment needed to achieve that particular look.

    The Digital Photography Book 'Volume 2' by Scott Kelby (see here) has an entire section dedicated to flash photography. His books are great because each page is dedicated to a specific tip or technique, complete with a photo example.

    After examining both resources, you'll have a much better idea as to the right setup for you. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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