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Custom Picture Styles for more vivid colors

edited May 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hey guys! Just came from a wedding and the photographer was amazing! He had the pictures on the slideshow already playing during the reception.

Anyways, I noticed something that captured my eyes and wanted to know if any of you could shed some light on it.

I noticed that the colors on certain subjects (like roses and grass) where very vivid while all the other colors were more natural looking. Are there any settings I can use to replicate the same effect? Thanks!


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    Howdy @forHIScoz - It's highly possible that the slideshow program he was using was applying various filters on the fly to achieve the look that was displayed.

    If you're interested in boosting color saturation or contrast, I would start with the 'Standard Picture Style' and set your parameters to something like...

    Sharpness: 2
    Contrast: 3
    Saturation: 1
    Color Tone: 2

    This should pump up the color a bit, while retaining natural looking skin tones. Be sure to set the correct white balance (see page 99 of the manual) before shooting in order to get accurate color.

    Again, this is just a starting point. You'll probably want to experiment a bit to get it adjusted to what looks good to your eye. Happy shooting!
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    Wow! That's awesome. Thanks @moose!
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