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Recommended photography book for beginners

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Lost as a goose is what I am. :) I just purchased the Canon 60D after being out of any kind of photography for over 25 years. My first camera was the AE-1 35mm. I need direction as far as basics for digital photography (terms, settings, etc...).

Do you recommend a book?


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    I have been reading the "Canon 60D for Dummies" this past week and have found it to be very helpful. You can start right at the beginning or skip to a chapter that interests you.
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    Welcome to the club. I've given everyone here chuckles for weeks now getting used to this camera vs. the old AE-1.

    I could not imagine tackling this thing if I had been away 25 years. I shot with my AE-1 until Kodak quit selling film.
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  • Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson is an excellent general intro to aperture, shutter speed and general exposure metering. Read this one and you will probably end up buying the whole collection (same with Scott Kelby's Digital Photography series). David Busch's Canon 60D book is the absolute Bible for general understanding and set-up of this camera.
  • Well I see that I have had a blonde moment because I just posted the same question. Thanks for the info. I still want opinions re the lens. Thanks.
  • Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
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