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Remote control app for the iPhone

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I've been looking into remotes mainly for time lapse photography. This app (see here) looks promising for Android.

I was hoping for something similar for iPhone, but all I could find was an app to control a DSLR while its tethered to a computer. I know a regular remote controller would do just fine, but it would be nice to cut down on the number of gadgets to carry around since I already carry my iPhone. :)


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    My friend has Triggertrap that works on his iPhone and can control his camera via a cable or using the IR cable he made.
  • Howdy @acmeman - I agree with @withns. The Triggertrap app is a fantastic tool for time-lapse photography. In order to control your 60D with the App you'll need to buy the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and the CL-E3 Camera Cable, both of which are available on their website ( Happy shooting! :)
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    Darn, I already bought a remote timer from ebay. I'll check it out anyway because I love gadgets! :)
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    The trigger trap does so much more than the standard remotes. You will have a blast finding out all it can do.
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    As I'm fairly new to photography, I'm a little puzzled about this triggertrap device.

    I have taken some night shots (all well under 30") so I've never needed the bulb feature but, if I ever needed it, how would I know how long an exposure was needed? As it could be one second more than the 30" max on the camera or it could be 20" so how would I know what the correct exposure was?

    Being one of the strange people on the planet, I don't have a mobile phone so I wouldn't be able to use the phone for the Triggertrap. Would the Triggertrap still be useful to me?

    Any further information regarding the Triggertrap would be most appreciated.
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    Triggertrap is an app you download to your smart phone, so no, not useful for you.

    As for the exposure question, for my star trails I use anywhere between f/1.5 and f/2.5 minimum depending on the ambient light.

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