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Heavy duty tripod that won't break the bank

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My camera shop is trying to talk me into a Manfrotto for around $189 with dual leg adjustments via locks. That kind of bothers me. What if a lock gets forgotten? Plus the thing looked a little lightweight to me. Like it could easily blow over if someone sneezed.

I want something decent with a good fluid tilt action, but I don't want to feel like I'm starting to make payments on a Porsche when a decent Chevy would do. I used a $39.95 unit with my 35mm that lasted for years until the head action wore out. Vivitar if I remember correctly.

Any recommendations from those of you who use the 60D with the heavier lenses?


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    @marketingman -- I am on the hunt for one myself. The one I have now is honestly being held together with pieces of wire.

    I found a couple at Best Buy that I intend to check out. There are several makes and models, with some rated to like 22lbs. If you get to put your hand on one in the next day or so let us know. Later, Auston
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    I saw units over 22 pounds on Best Buy's web site, but not in their store. At least not locally. I won't be buying in the next two days as I'll be in the process of moving.
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    Well good luck on the move! I hope ya get it all there dry. LOL!
  • Got here dry. Just can't find half the stuff we moved. : )
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    I recently purchased a Giottos MTL 9371B aluminum tripod with a MH 1300 Ball Head. I am quite happy so far. Not cheap, not light, but sturdy and super durable. Based on my experience so far I will most likely buy a monopod from them as well. Good Luck!
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    Not cheap is an understatement. I'd have to find a Patron to donate. :)
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    @marketingman - If you're looking for a reasonably priced heavy duty tripod with nice titling/panning action, have a look at the Smith-Victor Pro 4000 (see here). It rated to hold up to 18 lbs which is more than enough for your 60D (including a heavy lens).

    The legs on this particular model sport twist locking mechanisms versus flip locking mechanisms which are sometimes prone to breaking. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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    I have the Manfrotto 055XB & 128RC fluid head I use for a Sony HDR FX7 Videocam. I use it for the 60D as well if I'm doing long exposures or time lapse. My only gripe is it doesn't have a spirit level which is not a problem with the 60D's built in EL.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions on the Tripods. I will have it purchased by the 4th of July. Big Fireworks show here at my new home town and there's no way want to try to freehand that.

    I am working on my new photography web site so you folks can see first hand some of my digital and 35mm adventures.
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    I just bought a Rocketfish 65". I like it a lot. It's sturdy and nice, you can put the camera pretty much all the way to the floor with no woobliness.
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    I have an Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT and it's a very nice tripod. With an expensive lense and camera $140 isn't too much to protect it.
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    First of all, I would stay away from Best Buy. Try, you get much better deals and greater variety of choices.
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