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Hi people, I'm new here. Well, I have a Fuji HS10 and I was never satisfied with it. I'm, not saying that it's not a good camera, I just don't like it especially in low-light conditions. Now I'm interested in the Nikon D5100.
I've seen great pictures taken at places like music concerts and theaters (taken with DSLR) and they all had high ISO values. So my question is, how much can I go up with the ISO settings before the noise gets ugly? I know it's not easy to answer but I just want to now the personal opinions from people using this camera. I bet the sensor size plays a major role in this point, comparing to the small sensor of the HS10.
Thank's for all!


  • Hi
    I'm not a Nikon owner but I have read many reviews. Like most current DSLRs, the Nikon seems to produce useable results up to 1600, but after that you need to employ one of its noise reduction settings.
    For good shots and less post processing time, it seems that 800 is the optimum. The advice seems to suggest that you should save 1600 + for those times when there is simply no other way to get the shot.
    Of course, Nikon owners may want to disagree with me.
  • Thanks PBked,
    1600 is a good value. With my HS10 that would give me a painting, not a photo :)
    I will look for some samples too, to have my own opinion.
    Thanks again!
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    For indoors, what should be the ISO?
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