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Troubles adding copyright to photos on my 60D

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Hello! My 60D isn't allowing me to set the copyright information- which should be located under the 3rd settings tab. (Battery is at the top of that menu.) Have you ever heard of this? Thank you so much! Kari


  • @karisalomon - Hmm, strange. You should see 'Copyright information' listed as the fourth option under the third wrench tab. Once you highlight it, press SET and you should see some options for editing the author's name and copyright details. Are you unable to access this menu?
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    Hello, thank you so much for not telling me to "RTFM"! I did read it (page 108 and 109), when I went to try to add copyright info to my exif info. On the camera menu there are only two options under the third wrench - "Battery info" and "INFO button display options". Nothing additional shows up through the computer software program, either.

    I've got an email in to Canon and am keeping my fingers crossed. I'm starting to do some cool stuff and have been told my several people that I need to protect it. If you want to see my work check out my photostream on Flickr (just beginning).

    If you think of anything that I could have done to NOT let the menu options show up, please let me know. I'll keep you posted on Canon's response.
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    @karisalomon - You have some wonderful photos. I am looking to start an on line file. Any suggestions to point me in a good starting point?
  • @karisalomon - Ha! Well, I think I figured out your problem...the copyright info options will not display when one of the 'Basic Zone' modes are enabled. In order for the copyright info options to appear, you'll need to enable and shoot with one of these modes: P, Tv, Av, M, B or C. I'm not exactly sure why Canon disabled this feature for the 'Basic Zone' modes, but it appears they've done so.

    For what it's worth, you can edit the EXIF info using a desktop program like ExifTool (free) or Photo Mechanic ($150). ExifTool isn't as pretty and doesn't come with all the features that Photo Mechanic comes with, but it will get the job done and allow you to add artist info. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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    @Auston - Check out Google+ and 500px. Both of them offer wonderful photo gallery interfaces and have thriving communities to boot. :)
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    Thanks, @Auston. I appreciate your feedback. If you're specifically interested in flickr, check out the 52 or 365 groups. They contain a great blend of newbies and vets who have great images and comments to share.

    When you find an area of photography that intrigues you, follow the work of a few people. That will be great inspiration for you to go, capture, and create yourself!

    I'm not familiar with Google+ and 500px, but I trust his recommendations. The most important thing is to get out there and take photos!
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    @Moose - Thank you for the additional information you provided over and above what I shared with you from Canon. It would be good for that little bit to be added to the online manual as an update, wouldn't it?
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    Thanks for the extra information that was left out of the manual. I thought I wouldn't waste any time and searched on your very helpful site for the input of copyright info. Enjoying my new 60D.
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    So if I'm on the Sport Mode on Auto setting, the copyright information will not be on the photo?
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    Page 4 of the manual holds the key under "Icons in this Manual". If shown on the upper right of the page, it indicates that the function is available only in the Creative Zone modes (p.20).
    @Moose - my MisterD moniker appears to have failed epically, so I'm now reborn as TheGaffer!
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