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Flash not working on my Nikon D3100

edited October 2013 Posted in » Nikon D3100 Forum
Hello photo people! I have a relatively new D3100. All of a sudden the flash won't fire. I have tried most setting and nothing. I tried Auto, the selector switch is set to Single Picture and I'm in a relatively dark space and no flash.

In the view finder the flash symbol is flashing and so is the question mark and a dot. In other settings I make sure the flash is set to auto flash...nothing. HELP!

Gene Wentzel


  • Howdy Gene - When the flash icon and question mark blinks at the same time, it's usually attributed to one of the following...

    1. The lens focal length is less than 18mm
    2. The D3100 thinks an external flash is enabled

    If you're not using a wide-angle lens and haven't used a speedlight recently, then I would reset your in-camera settings to default. You can do this by pressing the MENU button and navigating to the 'Shooting Menu' tab. Once there, you'll see 'Reset shooting options'.

    After you've done a reset, make sure your battery is fully charged and try taking a test shot in Auto mode with the flash enabled. Let me know if that works for you.
  • edited March 2012
    No it didn't. I called Nikon and they tried too. No joy. They said to send them the camera for repair. - Gene
  • @Drgwentzel - Aw shucks! Well, let me know how it all shakes out.
  • edited September 2013
    I bought a used Nikon D3100 and the question mark was flashing. I think the previous owner did have an external flash attachment. I followed your suggestion to reset the shooting options and take a test picture in auto mode with flash enabled and it stopped. Thank you for the tip!
  • You got it @itsizzi! Glad you got things figured out...happy shooting! :)
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