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Best place for prints

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What would you recommeded as far as printing pictures? Which site is by far the best around? Which site uses the best paper? Should I just use a local print shop?


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    I been using MPix for my printing needs with great final prints.
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    Thank you, I will try that! I took some very nice pics at the zoo.
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    I was told by a friend that took a photography class that the instructor mentioned he uses Costco for nearly everything he prints, with the exception of images larger than 8x10.

    He says they do as good of job as any and they are very cost effective. I just sent some 5x7's there of my 6-month old girl...we'll see how they come out! I hope he's right!
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    I believe they all have the same processes. It's hard to mess up anything smaller than 8x10 photos. Go with Costco as @Mpls_Funk says if they are cheaper.
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    Howdy @Vanessa1877 - I agree with my fellow photogs...If you'd like to deal locally, Costco offers the best mix of quality and bang for your buck. As for online printing services, I've been really happy with MPix ( and AdoramaPix ( Happy shooting! :)
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    I have used Costco for up to 16x20 with great results. Our local Costco (Cincinnati) reprinted before I even got there once when they weren't satisfied with the quality of the prints. Note: the larger sizes are not available in glossy.

    I have used MyPhotopipe ( for online ordering; definitely pricier than Costco, but infinite size options and beautiful prints.
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    I use WHCC ( for most of my printing, even my smaller stuff. They are awesome!

    It has taken no more than 2 days to get my prints sent to me with free shipping. My boys love it because they get a free sucker in the box each time. I'm in a Cafemom group of photography moms and the majority of us use WHCC.
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    Hi guys! Thanks for the feedback! I will try them soon. I usually use Walgreens, but wanted something better.
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    Blacks Photos is good. They have the ability to take off the "Auto Correction" that most other places have (Walmart, Costco, etc). That way your photos look like they do on your screen at home.
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    Why not save some money and do it yourself? I wanted to print larger than normal prints, so I bought another printer, Epson workforce 1100. Excellent print quality, even at that size. You can probably get a good printer on-line for a good price.

    It prints 11" wide up to 17" so far, but I'm sure if you could find longer paper, it could be programmed on the properties menu to do so. I found glossy photo paper at Frys.
  • How efficient will that be on the ink?
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