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Nikon D3400 Vs D5600 output

I havea 11 month old D3400 and 1 week old D5600.
Put the same settings on A-priority mode
Took several indoor pics at the same spot.
D3400 so much darker than D5600.
Both also auto set different shutter speed
Am confused


  • Make sure that the picture control is set the same, metering settings the same, white balance the same, and that Auto D-lighting is not enabled in one but not the other. That latter changes the exposure slightly.

    Make sure too that Auto ISO is off, or that its minimum shutter speeds and maximum ISO are the same in both cases.

    Also, depending on whether you got either of these cameras used, it might take a while to determine if any of the deep settings were changed. It's possible to change many of the parameters in each of the picture controls, for example.

    There are some metering differences in different models, but they're usually not so huge, and I wouldn't expect that much difference between these two since I think they use the same sensors. I have noticed, though, that the D7100, for example, shoots a bit brighter than the D3200.
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