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Vivitar Batteries

Is it advisable to use VIVITAR batteries for a nikon d5300 camera?


  • edited April 2018
    Vivitar is a marketer rather than a manufacturer, and once upon a time they made some very good stuff (old manual lenses for example) but I'm not sure now whether they're still up on quality. Third party batteries are always a bit of a gamble, and Vivitar these days seems to be selling some pretty low end stuff. Some third party batteries won't work at all in a Nikon. If you are shopping at a store and can guarantee that the battery works at all, it might be worthwhile to have even if it has a shorter life, as most third party batteries will, if it's very inexpensive. You should always have a spare on hand. However, if you're mail ordering, I'd be hesitant unless the source has a very good return policy (e.g. B&H, Adorama, etc.).

    The B&H house brand, Watson, works pretty well and lasts fairly well, but none will be quite as good as the Nikon.
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