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Best Lens For Full Body Portraits


I am interested in taking full body portraits of my friends and family. Do you have any recommendation for the best lens for my T3i? I currently only have the 50mm, but I'm looking to purchase another one if it is necessary to take better photos.

Thank you!


  • Hi @MISSTORI48
    Your 50mm is more than capable of taking full body portraits. I could give you a list of various lenses which you could use instead which come with various price tags (mostly expensive). However, I am going to stick my neck out and say that the Canon 40mm STM (pancake) lens is a good contender and comes in at a reasonable price.
    If your goal is to work with friends and family, then I would hesitate to suggest more expensive lenses.
    Check out reviews for the pancake and see what you think.
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