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Next lens after 18-55mm kit lens

What is the next best lesns to buy after 18-55mm kit for a beginner?


  • I have just picked up this camera It still has the 18-55 kit for beginners I want to do mostly indoor shot of rooms for real estate posting Any suggestions / hints on how to get the best shots
  • Individual preferences here. Ordinarily I would suggest something like the 55-200 as a second lens to go along with the shorter kit lens. That or the 55-300 gives you a good full range.

    For real estate interiors you might look at wider angles. Unfortunately Nikon's latest bargain wide angle 10-20 zoom has a focus system that will not work at all on a D3100, but some third party lenses exist.

    The 18-55 lens, though not very fancy or sturdily made, is optically decent, and I would not worry too much about replacing it except to go beyond its initial range.
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