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Opteka 500 MM lens

Good Morning to all.
I wanted to understand something about the T2 Mount Adapter for D5300.
I recently bought an Opteka Len for the camera, as i attached the lens, it shows me on my screen that the "lens is not attached"..
I wanted to know if there was a different T2 Mount adapter that has to be used to for the following lens in the D5300.

I bought that lens on Ebay.
Can any one assist.



  • A T mount lens (and any manual lens) will work only in Manual mode. All manual lenses will give you that message. If you switch to manual the camera should work. In fact, in manual mode you can actually fire the camera with no lens attached! You will have no metering with this lens and will have to guess your initial settings.

    Start with "sunny 16" which is the basic rule that in broad sunny daylight you would want an aperture of F16 and a shutter speed near the reciprocal of your ISO. So, for example, you might set it at F16, ISO 800, and shutter speed of 1/1000.

    Take your sunny 16 shot, review it, and adjust exposure accordingly. Remember a 500 MM. lens with no VR will most likely require a shutter speed of 1/750 or faster for hand holding. A tripod is almost always necessary for a slow aperture tele.

    Don't get your expectations too high here. The lens is likely to be reasonably sharp, but with its small aperture and great length, it will be a challenge to get good shots, especially of any wildlife that is not pretty tame. You'll do best with a tripod in a blind.
  • Hey Bruto,
    Thanks for your comment and advice. It was very helpful. Thanks Again.
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