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Camera wont take pic

edited January 2018 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hello: My D3200 won't take a pic at times, I press the button and it does nothing, sometimes I have to let it go and then press it again and it will take a pic. The battery is charged to the fullest.
What is wrong? Also I bought it four years ago should I have it service?



  • Hi Mary,
    I had a similar issue with my D3200 when using the kit 18-55mm lens. Most of the time it worked perfectly but every so often nothing happened when I pressed the shutter button. There was no focus beep, just a faint ticking noise. After testing several things I found it was only when using this lens, and I traced the problem to dirt on the lens contacts. When I swapped to a different lens the camera worked fine, then wouldn't work when I put the 18-55mm on again. Try gently cleaning the contacts on both the lens and the camera mount. This worked for me.
    It is also worth checking that the camera focus mode settings are correct too, because the camera will only shoot in autofocus mode when it finds focus.
    I hope this helps.


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