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Basic Settings

Hi, I always had a point and shoot so I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm watching videos and trying to understand but I would really like someone to help me set my settings.


  • The owner of this forum and associated web site, Moose Winans, publishes a set of "cheat sheets" for various cameras and the most common lenses used with them. You can get a taste of this if you back out toward the home page of this site, and might consider getting a set.

    They address common shooting situations and give you a set of settings that will work. These are not necessarily the only settings that will work, as there are many ways to get where you're going, but they tend to work well and to provide a good stepping off point when you're ready to do more experimenting.

    Disclaimer: I'm not commercially connected with this site, and do not sell cheat sheets, but I've seen a set and I think you'd probably find them useful.
  • Hello, am using Nikon D5300 but when i switch it to manual mode it takes along time to display the image after taking a picture.
    Please help me ut
  • Are you making long exposures in manual mode? The default long exposure noise reduction doubles the time taken, because it actully shoots a second time with the shutter closed and then uses that blank image to cancel out noise. If that's the case you can either turn off NR for faster shots or live with the delay for cleaner ones.
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