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auto focus stopped working

I've had my D3200 nearly 3 years, the auto focus has stopped working luckily it was still covered under a breakdown warranty I bought with it so has been sent away for repair.
A couple of months ago my sons bought me a Tamron 50-200mm lens which I have been using a lot recently, just wondering is it possible the new lens could have caused the damage?


  • I think if the lens had been defective in some way that would cause damage it would not have functioned well, but I'm guessing it did if you used it a lot. Just a guess here, but it seems unlikely that it's the lens. The only thing I can think of that might cause damage to the camera would be if the lens's internal motor drew too much current, and even that seems unlikely as the camera's design has to take into account the possibility of an AF jam or malfunction without going up in smoke.

    I've seen no other news of Tamron (or other brands) killing the camera's AF, as they're pretty careful not to do something that would likely kill the brand, so I'd not worry much.

  • ok thanks for the reply
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