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Raw file

I’m a heavy ipad user, how do i transfer the raw file directly from my camera SD card into ipad and edit it? I’m currently using the Toshiba FlashAir but the thing is when i try to download the raw image it turns out blurred in my camera roll but JPEG img is fine. What apps do u recommend for raw file image editing.


  • edited October 2017
    You can do the Raw to JPG conversion on individual files in the camera. Unfortunately I don't think it will do multiple or bulk conversions.

    I don't know what programs might be available for the machine you're using, but you might see if there is a version of the free program Irfanview. This program should be able to open Raw files for viewing, and then save them as JPG, and is very fast and versatile at conversion individually or in bulk. It does not do much editing, but it's great for viewing, resizing and file type conversion . You can get a little better editing from the free program "Faststone Image Viewer," but it's not as easy to do bulk conversions. I use both for on line stuff. Faststone is a bit less intuitive in its interface and not as fast, but has a lot of useful features that work better than you'd expect. Irfanview is very fast, and it's my default viewing program.

    If you're looking for the quickest way to get unedited pictures onto the Ipad for sharing, you're probably best off shooting Raw + JPG in the camera. You still have the Raw files to work with when needed, but for the ones that need no processing, the JPG will be ready to go.

    A little added plug for Faststone: as you probably know, vertical shots, though aligned in some programs, come out sideways in others, and it's hard sometimes to make them come out right everywhere. Images rotated in Faststone stay rotated even in programs that usually get it wrong.
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