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Memory card error: Buttons and Menu don't work?

edited April 2012 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I just bought my first DSLR and after charging the battery a little, inserting a Micro SDHC in an adapter, and attaching the lens I found myself stuck. The first message that appeared, in German, worryingly enough, was "Keine Speicherkarte" which I believe means memory card error. I tried it with another card and still the same issue. None of the buttons work and I can't access the menu. Have I been sold a dud or am I missing something simple?


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    Howdy @ScreenDead - I believe the issue is isolated to an un-formatted memory card. First, remove the memory card so you can access the 550D (T2i) menu. Navigate to the wrench icon and highlight 'Language' to change it to English.

    Next, format the card using your computer. Once the card has been formatted, stick it back into your camera and see if you can get passed the memory card error. Let me know how it all shakes out.
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    Thanks for the reply @Moose. I also forgot to note that the screen indefinitely displays the sensor cleaning symbol. Could this be why it won't let me access the buttons?
  • @Moose I cannot access the menu. None of the buttons work, I suspect they're locked because of the indefinite sensor cleaning. I tried inserting a formatted memory card and the camera refused to turn on at all.
  • Try pulling the battery out for 1min and putting it back in.
  • @Moose @t2iski Thanks for the tips, Canon just told me to return the camera to the shop I bought it from. I've arranged a return and hopefully I'll be luckier with the new camera.
  • @ScreenDead - Best of luck. Hopefully everything gets worked out for ya.
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    You can use some data recovery tool to fix it. Good luck.
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