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Shutter Speed Question

I hope this makes sense as I cannot find an answer anywhere.

I am in manual mode. I am using the cheat sheets for outdoor child pictures.

Issue: when I raise my shutter speed up, I go to the little meter with the +/- in the middle to make sure the exposure is on- move it a spot or two.

When I do this, my shutter speed also moves.

How do I get it where my shutter speed does not move? Is it a setting that I might have on that I don't know about?


  • @CTOLDO12 If you're in manual mode and you have the aperture, shutter speed and iso all set to a specific value, those values shouldn't change. With regards to the light meter, it will change depending on where you point the camera. Say you have an aperture of f/5.6, a shutter speed of 1/200 and the ISO is fixed at 100. When you go to take the picture, the meter is perfectly lined up in the middle. Then a few moments later, you move under a tree with heavy shade and go to take another picture using the same settings and the meter is now showing a negative exposure. This is because the amount of light in the scene has dropped, so the settings have to be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the loss of light.
  • Don't forget that with this camera, when in manual mode, to change aperture instead of shutter speed, you must hold down the [+/-] button when turning the wheel. It does only shutter speed when used alone.
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