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Retouched Images

Hi All,

When I insert my SD card to my computer or connect my camera to my computer with the USB cable, all of my photos upload except those that I retouched on my camera (Nikon D3200).

Any words of wisdom as how to upload my retouched pics as well?



  • They should all be accessible, but note that the ones that have been retouched in the camera will be prefixed "CSC..." instead of "DSC." continuing the sequential numbering. All retouch files are new JPGs, and the originals are never modified.

    If you are shooting in Raw mode and doing Raw processing, you must arrow up to the "EXE" after you're done, in order to save the result. All the results will be JPG files, rather than the original NEF. When you hit the "EXE" you should see a little notification that it is saving the file. This setup allows you to do a number of operations on a single NEF image, and save a single result when you're done, but if you forget to push "EXE" at the end, the result is lost.

    If you are shooting JPG, or modifying a JPG, each operation will generate a new file. If you want to do a second operation on the same image, you must do it on the latest modified version, and every stage of the process is saved one mod at a time.

    Make sure when reading the card that you have opened all folders. After a certain number of images the camera starts a new folder.

  • Fantastic. Thanks for the clarification.
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