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Lenses for a trip to Africa (Safari)

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Hi, I am looking at buying a DSLR and am thinking about a 60D? What I would like to know is what lenses are good for this camera. I want to purchase good lenses from the start so that I am not replacing them. I was looking at a 24-105 f/4 L lens to take away on holiday with me. Would that be a good choice for an all round lens on a cropped sensor? Thanks!


  • Howdy @Bernie - I'd be glad to help. What types of subjects and scenes interest you most? Also, what's your ballpark budget? This will help me point you in the right direction. Happy shooting! :)
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    Hi @Moose - Thanks for the prompt response. I thought you might ask me that. We are off to Africa for three weeks at the end of June, so plenty of time. Going on a safari and visiting schools, etc...

    I am more interested in photographing people as opposed to animals, but I will do that as well. I will also be doing some landscape shots as well.

    My budget, well, since you are asking me and not my is perhaps not in the range of thousands of $, but I am prepared to get a couple of L lenses should they be better. Thanks...I hope this helps. I think I have done too much research and just need a decision made.
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    Hi @Moose - Thank you very much. I must say I love this is so informative. I have learnt so much reading it. I am looking forward to learning a lot about my camera. Thanks, Bernie
  • @Bernie - Glad I could help! It's great to have wonderful forum members like you. Happy shooting! :)
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