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Nikon D5300

edited June 2017 Posted in » General Discussion
Hello guys!
I am newbie for the whole photography thing, but this field is familiar with me. I have been working as a photo retoucher in Fix the Photo company for half a year.
I haven't had any digital camera yet, but want to buy used Nikon D5300 as my first.
What do you think of buying used technics?


  • I think used is not inherently bad, but you do have to be careful, and you do have to decide whether you are willing to take the risks, including that of no warranty.

    I would suggest getting used gear from a reputable seller or shop you know. KEH.Com, B&H, Adorama, and a few others are likely to be good and have good return policies. Check out Nikon refurbished too.

    Be a little careful of ebay and the like, and also be aware that Nikon USA will not support or service (even out of warranty) "gray market" goods that are imported by other than Nikon USA. The goods are legal, but service can be difficult.

    If you're sure of what you're getting, willing to take chances, etc., then some other vendors might be worth the risk - check Amazon for example. But be aware that many will not tell you up front whether the merchandise is a US model or gray market.

    Make sure too that you know just what lenses you're getting. Some common zoom lenses have come in multiple versions over the years, and although they may be compatible and work, may not be the best or contemporary with the camera. If you're getting lenses separately, as is likely with many used purchases, make sure you do your research.

    The D5300 is likely to be a very nice camera, with good image quality, and to serve you well for some time, so think carefully about how much you're really saving with one deal or another. After a year or two, some of the difference between one bargain and another seems less important.
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