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Wireless remote

Wireless remote Any suggestions on which would be the best to purchase for this camera


  • The infrared wireless remote has only one basic function, so the brand is almost entirely irrelevant as long as it works. B&H makes one that works fine, and is cheaper than the Nikon original for about six dollars, but the Nikon one is a bit more compact. If you have a Target store nearby, they may still carry theirs, which is a multi function (other brands as well) remote for about $10. On that one there are some extra buttons, which you can just ignore. The shutter button is the only one that does anything here.

    If you're looking at the more extensive type with a receiver that plugs into the camera, I'm not sure what differences exist, but I have seen a post or two here that suggest that the cheaper ones, though they work well, are not always reliable, so make sure that whatever you buy has a return or warranty you can use.
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