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Hi there,

I have been asked if I would possibly be interested in photographing a wedding. I am obviously a bit nervous about this and have yet to commit. My question is, what lenses are recommended for such an occasion? Also, is it necessary to have two camera bodies? If so, should they differ from one another or should I have a second D3200 body?

I appreciate any advice given. =)


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    I have just done a wedding with a D3200 and Tamron 18-200mm. I was delighted with the results. As for a second body with a second lens, the benefit of a second body and different lens is speed. Perhaps a 35mm or 50mm would work.
  • The other reason for two bodies, which you might consider if you are doing this for business rather than as a favor to friends, is that in the event of a camera malfunction you are utterly out of luck.

    It depends a little on how professional you're planning to get. I have read a few horror stories, and those who make a living at this are likely to carry multiple cameras, and also to prefer cameras that have multiple memory cards to provide redundancy, as the price of failure is high.
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