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Shutter release

edited March 2017 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi, I just purchased a second hand D3200. All was working well until today. Changed a few settings and then pressed lv, but the screen did not show. Now it will not take photos. When switched off then on, I get an error code to press the shutter again. This closes the shutter, but it still will not operate.
Newbie photographer at 68 years old. Grateful for any help.


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    That error code can be a bad one - it occurs for various reasons, not always related. But before despairing, I'd take out the battery and make sure it's fully charged, take off the lens and re-install it, and if possible also change or at least reinstall the memory card. If you get the menu screen up, you can also reset the shooting and setup back to default. Now put the camera in manual mode, set the shutter at a fairly slow setting, remove the lens, and look at the front of the camera as you operate the shutter. It should start with the mirror down. When you push the shutter button, the mirror should flip up, the shutter open for whatever duration you've chosen in manual mode, then the shutter will close and the mirror flip down. If the shutter is set fairly fast, this will happen very quickly, but you'll see if the mirror does not operate correctly.

    One of the problems that can sometimes occur is a stuck mirror. If the mirror did not lift in the test above, reach into the front of the camera and very gently, with the tip of a finger on the front edge of the mirror, or with a swab if you prefer, try lifting the mirror. It will not harm anything to lift the mirror with the camera off, and if it comes up easily it's a sign that it's not stuck. It should not take any appreciable effort to lift it. There's an explanation of this on this youtube video:

    With the caution that this may be well outside your comfort zone, especially if you just paid real money for the camera. You may well decide not to touch this, but it's a good explanation of the issue.

    If none of this works, I think it's a safe bet that the camera has a problem and needs repair.
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