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Why does the flash come on in daylight? Is there a way to stop it?


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    Hi @KENGLENN1,
    You don't specify which camera you have so I can only advise from a Canon viewpoint. If you are using full auto, the flash will pop up any time the camera thinks you need extra light. This could be because it is a very cloudy day or you may be shooting into the evening or indoors.
    On Canon cameras, there are 2 ways to stop this happening. First, you can choose the 'no flash' setting on the mode dial, but second, and this is the better option, move away from full auto to one of the P, A, S, M modes. In these modes the flash will only operate if you press the button to make it pop up.
    As I said earlier, other cameras may differ, but I think in general my advice applies.
  • @pbked 's advice applies for Nikons as well, and the functions are essentially the same.
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    Hi, and thanks for providing this great forum!
    I have a Nikon D3400 and I have turned off flash (in auto) via the two modes available: Via the dial on top and via the menu. Two problems:
    1. When I use the dial on top, I then can't use any of the other dial settings without flash popping up, since turning the dial requires that I leave the "no flash" setting in order to go to another setting on the dial.
    2. When I go into the "i" menu and disable to flash, then turn the camera off, then turn camera back on, the flash comes back on all by itself. This is driving me nuts, and the only way I can think to permanently disable the pop-up flash is to put some black electrical tape over the bulb area so the light cannot reach my subject. I do press the "OK" button when disabling the flash, so I am not neglecting that step. The problem occurs when I turn off the camera, then turn it back on, and the flash begins popping up again. I read through some of the answers here but might have missed the definitive answer if there is one. Thanks for any advice.
  • PS, oops, clarification to above note: When I disable flash, then turn camera off, then turn camera back on, flash is no longer disabled. I want the flash to stay permanently disabled until I deem it necessary. I had not worded that very well, above.
  • Sorry to say this is one of those functions that resets for different modes. You can turn the flash off in auto mode, for example, but it will come back on when you switch to portrait mode. On the D3200 at least the setting persists when you turn the camera on and off, but if you leave the mode you're in, the flash setting you chose will be forgotten. Thus you cannot, for example, go through all the modes, turn the flash off, and expect it to stay off, as you chose modes, which is what you'd like.

    Your only foolproof way to make sure the flash never comes on when you don't want it is to stick to the modes that never activate it. It will never come on automatically in P,S,A and M modes, nor in Sports, landscape or no-flash auto. Otherwise the camera decides and pops it automatically.

    You can try disabling it by taping over it, but it might then deliver a wrong exposure because the camera's internal setting presumes a flash. Try it with a non-invasive cover, such as a card scotch taped over the flash, first, in varied situations, to see if it works.

    As for the problem of passing through undesired "flash up" settings when changing the dial, the simplest thing other than getting used to pushing it down, is to turn off the camera briefly while making the change. The flash never pops up with power off.
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