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External flash

edited February 2017 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I have the D3200 and I am using the Aperlite external flash for Nikon. Everything has worked great, but on a recent trip I noticed when the camera and flash are in manual, the flash will flash three short bursts and then the camera and flash will trigger. I don't remember it doing this before. Is there a setting somewhere that I changed without knowing it?
Thanks in advance!


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    Also, I have three of these flashes and it does this with all three, so I believe it's a camera setting of some sort.
  • Is the camera set by accident to slow sync? If not that, perhaps redeye?
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    Where do I find slow sync and red eye on this camera? I can't find it.
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    Not entirely sure, but on the D3200, you can hold down the flash activation button, and get the flash menu, or get it through the [i] menu. Hit [i] and arrow over to the flash icon. When it lights yellow, push the [OK] button for the sub menu.

    Edit to add: I mixed up slow and high speed sync. High speed sync would fire the flash multiple times, but I don't think it's available on the D3XXX, D5XXX,or D7XXX families. However, it might somehow be enabled in the flash. Slow sync still fires only once but at less power so that the ambient light contributes to the shot.
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    I found it in the red eye settings. Not sure how it got changed. Thank you very much for the help!
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