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Replacement/spare batteries

edited February 2017 Posted in » Canon T5 / 1200D Forum
Hi all, I'm looking for a spare battery. If you go online you get spoilt for choice and you might be buying a copied item.
I can't really justify spending nearly £40 for a spare, and was wondering if Duracell is any good?


  • edited February 2017
    Hi @STEDO,
    A lot of people use third party batteries - some have had nothing but good experiences with them and others have had troubles. I can tell you that all batteries are not created equal. I can't speak for Duracell, but I look at it like this - would you buy a Rolls Royce and put a Skoda engine in it?
    For me, the battery is the engine of my camera and it has to be genuine Canon every time.
  • edited February 2017
    Thank you PBked.
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