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Downloading and backing up while travelling

edited January 2017 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Hi, I am new to the forum and cannot find a "search" option, so apologies if this question has already been asked.
Would like to know how you all back up your photos while travelling. I currently download onto my iPad then wipe my SD card and start again each day. I would like to have another option for belt and braces approach. Any ideas, apart from having loads of SD cards?


  • What I have is a portable USB hard drive. There are various ones out there that are pretty compact but roomy. I download the SD cards to the computer, at least as long as there's room on the computer, and then from the computer to the USB drive.

    Nowadays, big SD cards and the like are getting pretty inexpensive, so one other option might be simply to have a couple of those, and leave them full after you've downloaded to the ipad. It depends a little on how much material you have.
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    I'm off to Costa Rica and anticipating loads of shots. Problem is that you cannot download from the SD card straight to a USB, nor from an ipad to a USB, and I do not want to carry a laptop around.
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    Solutions without a direct USB cable are going to be a bit more limited and more expensive, but check out, for example, the Passport drive possibilities. They, and undoubtedly some others as well, offer some drives that are wireless, made to communicate with pads and iPhones, and also some that have built in SD card readers, which I think allow you to copy a card with no computer at all. I have an older Passport 1 terabyte drive and it's held up pretty well. It's very small and easily stuffed into a bag.

    Costa Rica is grand, and it's worthwhile throwing a few bucks into the effort, I think.

    If the external drive is too big, or too expensive, I'd recommend you load up on as many big SD cards as you can. Set them aside as they fill instead of erasing.
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    Great, thanks, I will look at the Passport option; otherwise a ton of SD cards it is!
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