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Problems in M, A, S, P mode

edited January 2017 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum
Hi all,

I am having some problems with my the M, A, S, P Mode on my Nikon D5500. They seem to be quite corrupted, but the other modes look ok (effects, auto, Scene).

When in Manual, for example, I cannot go to previous pictures taken. The i button does not work for setting up the options, and I cannot adjust any setting of aperture or exposure. I have also noticed two flashing lights on the lower corners. On the right low corner, there's an orange flashing light about the FLASH, and on the left low corner is a flashing question mark inside a dark circle.

Is anyone aware of this problem?



  • edited January 2017
    It's hard to know, but it sounds a bit as if there's a malfunction.

    I had a brief problem with my D3200 that I think may have been caused by static electricity, and went away, but at one point most of the buttons stopped working briefly. I found in this case that the only button that worked was the shutter mode button, but when I used that, it woke up. Later, it woke up when I pushed the [i] button twice. After a couple of days, it started working fine again and has since.

    The flashing question mark indicates that the camera's meter disagrees with your settings. If you push the [?] button (on the D3200 it's the [-] button on the left), it should give you a message, probably telling you that it thinks you should use flash. What happens to the flashing messages if you pop up the flash?

    It might be a good idea to try a complete reset of the camera. Not sure just what options are available in the D5300, but some cameras give you a button combination that resets everything.
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