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Nikkor 55-200mm as a spotting scope

edited December 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3300 Forum
Hi all,
Can I use my D3300 with my 55-200mm to observe animals out at around 1000 meters? if not, could I with an alternative lens?


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    Basically, yes, though a longer lens will work better. The VR helps too. I use my D3200 with a 55-300mm this way, and when not traveling light, the 200-500mm is very good. You may find 200mm a bit short for the long distances, but if you have one, try it and see.
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    Thanks @BRUTO. I'll try it out as you say. Otherwise the 200-500mm may have to be added. :)
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    The 200-500mm is a wee bit expensive, but I bet you'll never see better anti-vibration anywhere. It's amazing. The lens is a bit heavy, but not clumsy in size, and works nicely hand held, especially if you rotate the tripod mount to the top to use as a handle. It's fine on a tripod too, if you're not following fast action.
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    Yeah I saw the price. Might need to work up to it, but I'm liking it.
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