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Using Wifi

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Hello! Just got my first DSLR Nikon D5300 camera. I'm learning about the Wifi / mobile app option. I don't have much data on my iPhone so generally I use it when I'm at a coffee shop or library. So when I connect to my camera from my phone to transfer pictures it appears to start using the phone's data to transfer pictures. So if I'm connected to Wifi at a library for example, it disconnects the library connection and then seems to use the phone data. I hope I'm making sense. Is there a way to transfer pictures from the camera to the phone while in a free Wifi zone? Thanks!


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    Hey! I have two suggestions. The first is to ask whether you have 'WiFi assist' functionality switched on on your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, this feature will always use your data when the WiFi signal is poor.

    Secondly, are you using the Canon camera connect app? This was made to make picture transfers via WiFi really easy from camera to phone.
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    My hubby bought me the D5300 for Christmas. I'm a luck gal, but how do I, or can I email pictures from the wifi on the camera? I know silly question, but I'm very new to photography and cameras in general.
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    Hi. When you connect to the D5300 you are connecting directly to the Nikon wifi, correct? If so then this part of the process definitely does not use any of your phone's data. It is just a direct wifi connection.

    What may be happening is that these new photos on your phone may then be getting uploaded to the cloud, either via the IPhones Photo Stream, or another photo app you may have. For example I use Google Photos to auto backup my iPhone camera roll.

    Because you are connected to the Nikon wifi (which doesn't have Internet) the photos get uploaded to the cloud using your phone's data instead.

    If you discover which app is uploading these photos then you can disable the particular app from uploading using phone data by going to Settings > Mobile Data > Use Mobile Data For, and disable this app. This will force the app to only use wifi.

    I also have an iPhone and D5300 btw!!!
  • @leann You can only use the camera wifi to download the photos to another device such as phone, tablet or PC. If using phone or tablet then download the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app to do this. Remember to switch the wifi ON on the camera, then connect to the Nikon wifi from your device. Then start the app.
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