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Nikon D5500

edited November 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum
I usually use manual mode on my camera. When I move away to aperture or speed, and then move back to manual, the camera does not recognize the change and photos are completely overexposed. Any help?


  • edited November 2016
    I am not entirely sure how things work on a D5500, but on the D3200, changes made manually in any mode are carried over to others. Changes made by the program are not. So, for example, if your manual exposure was 1/60 at f/8, and you went to Aperture priority mode and changed your aperture to 4, it would choose a shutter speed of about 1/250. If you then changed back to Manual mode, it would stay at f/4 and revert to 1/60, thus overexposing. If I went to S mode, and changed the shutter speed, that change would be carried over to M mode, but the camera's choice of aperture would not.
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