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NX2 doesn't find camera

edited October 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
My recently installed ViewNX2 can't find the source, which is the camera, to download the pictures to my Mac.
All connections have been thoroughly checked and the camera is switched on.
Any ideas what I can do next?


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    Don't panic, you have to delete the program and download Capture NX-D and view NX I from Nikon download. The previous versions do not work and are unsupported.
    It only takes a few minutes.
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    Thanks, but on Nikon's Download center I get:

    "This download service is not available on your device.

    You can send yourself an e-mail with a link to this download for use on another device.

    Send e-mail
    Return to the Download Center home page"

    But there is no other device I want to use, just my desktop Mac.

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    If you have an installed version of View NX-2 that works, one other thing you might try is to use the memory card in the computer, if you have a card reader, and see if that can be read. It's not a bad idea to copy all your files to the hard drive first anyway, and then to edit the copies. Editing files on the memory card itself can occasionally go wrong, and lose images, so if you can download the files to the computer and read them there, you're probably better off anyway.

    I have no Mac, but it looks from some cursory browsing as if Nikon software has problems with some operating systems, but the problems are more in the downloading than the running. You might check around on the web and see if someone else has found workarounds there. But be careful, because View NX-I may overwrite a working copy of View NX-2 unless you take measures to prevent it. If View NX-2 does what you want, and you can make it work, I'd skip the newer version. Capture NX-D does have some new features that make it useful, such as better noise reduction, sharpening, etc., and it's not a bad thing to have that around. It can co-exist with the old View NX-2.
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    Thanks for your continuing interest.
    I got the Mac to show me the pictures on the SD card, but it won't let me copy them! So I have no idea how else to download them permanently to my Mac.

    I can't get them to show up in Capture NX-D (although that itself has downloaded OK).
    They also showed up in Gimp (which, if you haven't discovered, is a free sophisticated pic-editing program), but I didn't want to change any original pictures in case of errors. I'd got Gimp at a time when Mac's iPhoto was a bit crude. Now I'd give anything to get all my pix into iPhoto, which I know well. In fact, iPhoto automatically intervenes when I download my Panasonic Lumix pictures, which I can't say I mind (although it would be nice if it asked first!).

    It's certainly confusing to have a later version, View NX-1, named as if it's earlier than the original, NX-2! I ditched NX-2, as suggested here, but could reinstall it and see how it goes.
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    It's confusing because what happened is that Nikon used to get its software from Nik (coincidental name, I think) and that relationship ceased, so they had to find new authorship, and although many features remain similar, the software changed. The new View NX is "NX and the letter I" rather than the number one.

    Sorry I don't know Macs well enough to sort out the copying issue, but if the computer reads the files, it ought to allow copying, I think. I've used Macs a few times elsewhere, and found their systems a bit odd, and usually operations that seem impossible turn out to be simple but to require some trick that's not intuitive.

    If you want your Nikon pictures to go to iPhoto, you might need to make sure your computer has whatever codecs are required to read Raw files. I know some Windows versions need a download from Microsoft for this, and it's possible some Apple versions need a download for this as well.

    If you're taking Raw images (as one should generally) you might try doing a conversion of one or more to JPG in the camera, and then see if the computer can pick up the JPG version. That would narrow down the issue a little.

    I should also mention that although one presumes you're using the version of View NX2 that came with your camera, if not, it might not be compatible. Later versions will read from earlier cameras, but not always the reverse. For example, the version that came with my D3200 cannot read the Raw files from a D7100, but the later D7100 version can read both.
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    Just upgrade to allow it to work for Mac. 2 above this.
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    I'm a PC guy, so I would suggest that Haggis almost certainly knows more about the Mac stuff than I do.

    It ought to be possible.
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    Actually Bruto, I just read the instructions. Click on the button and download both, however it requires Nikon transfer from NX2, so check that first.
    Find Nikon transfer and select the camera and destination of files.
    Plug camera into usb and it should open Nikon transfer, then it opens a selected program when download is complete.
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