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Stamp Images

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An auto stamper application for photos has been developed to capture photos with date-time, signature and location with smartphone in-built camera only. I like this app and it may be useful to everyone in one way or another way.
Thank you :)


  • You can always imprint a date on images from most SLR's these days, and digital cameras always embed lots of other information in the attached EXIF, but they do not stamp it.

    For myself, I would find such a utility very seldom useful, as most of the time I'm looking for a picture, not a document, and embedded information distracts. On those occasions when embedded information is needed, there are ways to do it in post processing. Others may disagree, but I rather suspect that this program would have small appeal to serious photographers, because they either would not want it, or are used enough to post processing to have other ways to get it.
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    Hello Bruto,

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

    The feature is not just the date that you can have on your image with Auto Stamper. Current Date and Time is just one feature. Signature and GPS (location) are also available. This is an android app and so it can be used with android phones in this photography era. You can stamp it at the moment you capture the image.
  • I understand that, and I can see that such an app might be useful for a certain kind of photography in the world of shared media, tourist selfies and the sort of thing that smart phone cameras are used for. For serious photography, less so, as such information is seldom wanted on top of an image, and post processing is more likely to be done routinely anyway.

    Since dedicated cameras cannot, at this juncture, run apps as a smart phone does, the question is theoretical anyway, but while I see the point of it on a smart phone, I doubt it would gain much traction as a feature in dedicated cameras. For post processing images from such cameras, all that information can be accessed from the EXIF information, and I imagine there are ways to superimpose it in post processing if one needs to.

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