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D3300 lenses

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I'm new to photography and wondering what lens to purchase. I would like a general all around lens for taking pictures of grandkids, and I also love to take pictures of wildlife and nature. I don't want to be switching lenses when taking nature and wildlife pictures. Any suggestions on which lenses I should be looking at?



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    Do you have a lens already?

    If you have the 18-55mm kit lens, I would suggest you not try to duplicate that range in a super zoom, but get a complement to it. Maybe the 55-300mm, the 55-200mm, the somewhat more expensive but well made 70-300mm, or one of many third party lenses in that range. The kit lens, though it lacks telephoto reach, is a pretty good performer, and compact to carry around. Most of the time you'll know enough in advance which lens you'll need, so unless you're planning to travel light, I would not go with a do-all super zoom, which is likely to be rather large to handle, and may not be quite as good optically at the extreme ends.

    If you insist on a single do-all lens, the Nikon 18-300mm has gotten fairly decent reviews, but it's not cheap, and you'll always be carrying the whole range even when you need only a little of it.
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