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Setting focusing point while in sports mode

edited September 2016 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I've been taking pictures of my sons soccer games for a few years now, but lately the camera and/or lens doesn't seem to be focusing on the action as much (he's 16 now, so maybe the action has gotten much faster LOL?).
Is there a way to set the focusing point of the camera so I will know what I am focusing on? Many times it focuses past the action and it's SO frustrating that I've missed a good shot. I'm following the ball, as usual, and continually pressing the focus button halfway, so I'm not sure what's wrong now versus a year or so ago? I'm using a 75-300mm lens.

Also, anyone use a monopod while shooting action photography? A friend recommended it, but I find it awkward since the action moves around so much.
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