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Image info

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Sorry, my memory must be be going, but I remember that the menu allows you to set an option where every image has its essential info recorded, i.e. f number, shutter speed, iso, focal length etc. Can anyone remind me where in the menu this is?


  • Payback menu > Playback Display Options > Additional Photo Info > Overview.

    Don't forget to go up to "done" after checking what you want. Use up/down arrow in playback to go through the different screens.
  • Thank you. I also find it good to keep shooting data on too.
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    Does anyone experience these issues when downloading memory cards onto their PC? First, the computer downloads everything into one folder. I have had problems doing this. At one point my computer only downloaded part of memory card. Was this because it saw a danger of overwriting files, i.e. different files, but files which the computer thinks are the same because of same file number? If you see two file names, say, with names dsc003 and dsc003(1) is it because the computer created a second file name to avoid the original being overwritten? Surely you should be able to program a computer and 3 memory cards to number files consecutively to avoid this?
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    You can choose how your camera numbers its files. The default starts a new count for each card. If you turn "file number sequence" on (it's in the Setup menu), the files will be numbered from one through 9999 before they roll over, regardless of the card. The Windows computer I usually use will stop when a number is repeated, and ask if you wish to overwrite or make copies. If you choose the non-overwriting option, then the copy will have the (1) added to it.

    I generally handle the problem by creating different folders on the computer each time I dump a memory card. By dating those subfolders it's a little quicker to go back and find something, and when the computer's file count rolls over, there's less issue, except when putting together CD's of trips and the like, when the rollover occurred partway through. Renumbering files to get the order right is a hassle in Windows (it was a cinch back in the days of Dos, but I've forgotten most of that stuff).

    If you're using the file number sequence, you can reset it to zero in the menu too. So, for example, if you're heading for Antarctica and expect to take thousands of images, you can reset to zero before going, and avoid the silly problem I had of the second half of the trip being numbered before the first.

    I should add that it's also easier to keep track of images using the 1-9999 sequence, because you can check for missing numbers. If you're on a trip and constantly changing cards and downloading, it's easy to lose track.

  • Being an OS user (iMac), I create folders to later edit my images before moving them to appropriately named subject/year locations. I too have experienced the duplicate file name issue which is why I decided to do this.
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