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Settings for noiseless pictures

edited July 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum
I started photography about 2 months ago with my Nikon D5300 18-55mm, but I still have issues getting the picture quality I want, especially since I started using my speedlight (yn 560 iv). I see noise in my pictures. Is this normal? I haven't been editing my pictures professionally since my computer is under repairs. I have been using mobile apps. My question is how do I get noiseless pictures with my D5300 camera, and what settings do I need to pay more attention to with my speedlight?



  • You should not be getting a lot of noise, but before you get too deep, it's important to determine whether what is appearing is in the picture or in the processing of the mobile apps. Remember that some JPG processing can add a lot of artifacts and noise might be among them. That includes whatever processing might be performed to put an image on the screen.

    With that said, I'd check first to make sure that your ISO is not automatically going high. The D5300 should be pretty good on noise even at fairly high ISO, but if you want minimal noise, turn off the auto ISO and keep your setting as low as possible. Auto mode does not allow you to choose ISO, so if you still need the "point and shoot" settings, switch to P mode, which will allow you to set ISO. At the very least, even if you leave it on Auto, make sure your starting ISO setting is the lowest available.

    The best pictures will be in Raw mode and you can then process them and convert them to JPG afterward. If you cannot process Raw files, make sure that your JPG is both the largest and highest quality (least compression) available. If you expect to have a computer back on line and want the most options, save your files in Raw + JPG form, and you'll have each picture in both formats.
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