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Camera slowly turns really bright and blurry

edited July 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
When I turn on my camera, at first everything is normal, then about 10 minutes passes and it slowly gets super bright and fuzzy with a massive blur and has a yellow hue to it. It's so frustrating. This happens in all lighting and camera modes. Someone please help :( Thank you.


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    First try reset set up options under spanner symbol, set up menu press menu button left of screen back of camera.
    If this doesn't work, take your camera to the dealer.
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    I bought it at Walmart, return warranty is over. Will Nikon factory still replace it?
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    Within the UK we get 2 years warranty. I don't know about the USA, you might get 3 years?
    Did re-set not work?
  • I think on the camera it's one year, assuming it's Nikon USA and not gray market. The lenses usually have an extension to three.

    It sounds like a bad camera, but I'd try the reset and make sure the battery is good first. I don't know why a bad battery would cause this, and it never did with mine, but that's one of those things one tries first.
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    It's acting normal now it seems like it just picks and chooses when it wants to act funny. I can't even get a good example pic since now it stopped doing it. Thanks for the help though, I will be sure to post a pic if it acts up again, and I will try resetting again.
  • Is there some environmental issue, such as high humidity, heat, or the like? I had a brief and non-repeating control issue with my D3200, which seems to have related to humidity or stray magnetism or who knows what. For a short period the buttons would not work unless I first pressed the shutter mode button to wake it up. When I took it to the local dealer, of course it behaved perfectly. They suggested that moisture inside might have caused the problem, but it has never returned.

    Making a wild and uneducated guess, my money is on the thing heating up, or on some issue with the connection of the LCD screen. Most LCD displays communicate with their underlying circuit boards with a conductive foam strip, and glitches there can be difficult to pin down.

    Anyway, I hope it either never recurs (best) or fails entirely (not so good, but at least no surprises).
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