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LCD Issue

edited May 2016 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
Have had my 60D for several years and no issues ever. Was shooting in action mode, and the last four pictures were black. The LCD screen works when menu or info is selected. I can't see through the viewfinder or see anything on the LCD screen. When the info button is pushed there is Exp Sim flashing. Any help or suggestions?


  • That warning means that what you see on the LCD screen does not match what you will get in the image, for any of a number of reasons. I believe there is a Live View setting for turning "exp sim" on and off. When on, it shows you more or less what your image will look like, and when off, it has its own exposure compensation and does not reflect exposure. When some setting is too far from normal for the simulation to work, it flashes.

    Nikons, at least the lower end ones, do not have this option, and always compensate in Live View.

    The first thing I'd do is try another mode and see if it makes any pictures at all, and make sure the lens is properly seated, so that its electronics are working correctly.

    I'm unfamiliar with the various options on a Canon, but if you set the exposure to manual and some value that's at least close to correct exposure, you should get some kind of image. On a Nikon in purely manual mode you can shoot with no lens at all mounted, and get a blurry image of something other than black.

    If you can't get anything, then I'd suspect a camera or lens problem. Otherwise, perhaps some setting gone awry somewhere.
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    Thank you. I switched lenses and the same problem is there. I get all the settings on the LCD screen, but I can not see through the viewfinder or see an image on the LCD screen. When I hit the arrow to see the pictures I took it is a black screen with a red dot in the middle.
  • I also replaced the SD card just in case, but nothing changed.
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    Did you try a shot in fully manual mode? If not, try putting the camera in manual mode, with the shutter at something like 1/4 second and the aperture wide open (or even with the lens off), and just fire a shot anywhere. It should produce a blurry light image. If you don't see anything, I think it's likely the shutter is not opening.

    Another thing you can try, again in manual mode, is to take the lens off, put the camera in manual mode as before and set the shutter speed for a second or more, and look into the front of the camera when you press the shutter button. You should see the mirror flip up, and the shutter open. The shutter is flat black, and the sensor bright and reflective, so if you don't see a bright reflective rectangle, the shutter is probably not opening. If this does not happen, then your camera has a problem.
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